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We’ve spoken about Bizkaia Talent several times.  It’s a project that we find very interesting, because it’s going out there, with energy and good results, doing something we find supremely sensible: recovering the Basque talent that’s spread out around the world.

We are a very small country, with a high percentage of highly educated people.  It’s hard for them to find the kind of job they want first thing close to home. So it’s good that they go out into the world, as it’s great for their personal and professional development to spend some time abroad.  But we’re also aware of the fact that a large number of these Basque professionals working abroad want to “come home”. Of course, that implies finding a job here that matches their professional profile.

And that’s where Bizkaia Talent comes in.  A while back, we were surprised by their website, dedicated to helping Basque talent come back, with their Be Basque Conferences that connected Basque professionals abroad with Basque companies working domestically.

Now they’ve surprised us again with their digital Career Development Centre, a personalized, digital consultant whose aim is to contribute to the design and development of people’s careers. It’s a unique, innovative tool that’s found nowhere else.

Because of this, Bizkaia Talent has been invited to participate in the Nordic Place Branding Conference 2019, which was held a few days ago in Stockholm, analyzing Case Studies of investments in digital marketing, talent hunting, destination marketing, and in creating attractive locations.

Well, we’re sure that along with wanting to get to know these tools created by Bizkaia Talent, they would also have borne in mind the Global Talent Competitiveness Index Report (GTCI) that was presented at the last Davos Conference, which we blogged about here.

So why are we blogging about Davos and that study?  Because the aim of that list is to analyze states’ ability to capture talent and the future of work.  Given that we Basques don’t have our own sovereign state, yet, we weren’t included on the list of countries.  But we did appear on the list of cities, which were also analyzed, and of the 114 cities analyzed and ranked, Bilbao took 44th.

Lista de ciudades en base a su competencia por la captación de del talento y el futuro del trabajo -Global Talent Competitiveness Index Report (GTCI) 2019
List of cities based on their competitivity due to their ability to capture talent and the future of work -Global Talent Competitiveness Index Report (GTCI) 2019

It’s true that Paris and Madrid are ahead of Bilbao on that scale.  Of course they are. But even those in charge of presenting the report at Davos cited Bizkaia Talent specifically when giving their speech.

Now Nordic countries and cities, who are at the top of those lists, are looking at Bizkaia Talent as a role model for talent management, highlighting their ability to innovate via the combination of digitalization and the human touch. And they’ve been invited to explain their work.

As we always point out when the world talks about just one city or one part of our country, they’re really talking about the whole of it.  After all for the citizens of any medium-sized or larger city in the world, having a one-hour commute is the most normal thing in the world.  And that’s all the time it takes to travel across our small nation.

We’ll leave you with the Bilbao, Basque Country case study that appeared on the website of the Stockholm event, and the information prepared by Bizkaia Talent regarding its participation at this event and its new tool.

Nordic Place Branding Conference 2019 – 3/2019 – Sweden

Bilbao and Basque Country

Basque Country at the Bay of Biscay is warm and friendly place with excellent food. Their gastrodiplomacy has convinced us of that. But that came later. Bilbao is working very actively with talent attraction and retention. We have had the pleasure of training the management of their talent attraction organisation, bizkaia:talent, through our flagship training programme, ‘Talent Attraction Management for European Cities, Regions and Countries’, in 2016 and our Cluster Branding Masterclass in Brussels in 2017.

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Bizkaia Talent – 3/2019 – Euskadi

Bizkaia Talent, único ejemplo europeo no escandinavo de gestión de talento en la Nordic Place Branding Conference de Estocolmo

El pasado 3 de abril Bizkaia Talent impartió una conferencia plenaria dentro la Nordic Place Branding Conference 2019 celebrada en Estocolmo, siendo así reconocida por su estrategia Be Basque que desarrolla la entidad vasca desde su creación en el año 2005.

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Bizkaia Talent – 3/2019 – Euskadi

Bizkaia Talent lanza su Career Development Centre digital, herramienta innovadora y única a nivel mundial

Bizkaia Talent ha lanzado una nueva e innovadora herramienta digital que contribuye en el diseño y desarrollo de la carrera profesional de las personas. Se trata de su Career Development Centre, primera plataforma mundial de esta tipología y que podrán utilizarlo única y exclusivamente aquellos usuarios registrados en la plataforma de Bizkaia Talent y Be Basque Talent Network.

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