Forbes has written about the Basques on several occasions and we’ve brought you many of them here on the blog.  We say many of them, because we’re sure we’ve missed a couple here or there.  That’s something we realized when reading this article by Tom Mullen about San Sebastian.

Now, we brought you an article by this journalist just under a year ago, an amazing article about another city on the Basque Coast: Donibane Lohitzune, or as it’s more commonly known in French and English, Saint-Jean-de-Luz.  We loved that article, and as we said, while reading this one about San Sebastian, we realized we’d missed another one he published five years ago, so we’re including it as a bonus.

Using gastronomy as an excuse for this article, Tom Mullen also tells us the city, the history of the Basques, the quality of life, its attractive scenery, and more.  Honestly, given this content, we can’t help but imagine his readers are all really interested in getting to know this Basque city.

But, as almost always when outsiders write about us, we wish they paid a bit more attention to our reality as Basques.  We’ll keep trying 😉

Forbes  – 2/1/2022 – USA

Eat And Drink Pinxtos And Txakoli In Spain’s San Sebastian

he city of San Sebastián in northern Spain curls along the edge of a semicircular bay that forms part of the Bay of Biscay—itself a sort of gruff, spitting chunk of the Atlantic Ocean that rewards sailors just by letting them survive. Whereas the city center facing the ocean is mostly flat, the outskirts look attractively pastoral—where sheep flocks graze along green slopes beside wooden farmhouses that appear Tyrolean.

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Forbes  – 2/1/2017 – USA

Ditch the Guidebook To Visit San Sebastián In Spain

In contrast to many narrow and curving city alleys, the unexpected openness of San Sebastián’s bay front is a beautiful surprise. This northern Spanish city (also known as Donostia in the local Basque language) faces the Bay of Biscay near the geographical hinge where the east-west top of Spain intersects the north-south western coast of France—about midway between neighboring coastal cities of Bilbao and Biarritz.

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