The Laurak Bat Center in Buenos Aires is one of the most important concentrations of Basques in the Diaspora.  Founded on March 13, 1877, it was born as a reaction of a group of Basques from the Southern Basque Country to the terrible situation those still back home were undergoing as a result of the abolition of the fueros.  Due to how important and active it is, we’ve spoken of it on many occasions.

And we’re speaking of them again today, because on November 28, at their Pedro de Basaldua Hall, they held a concert by the Amadeus FM 91.1 Cultura Musical Chamber Orchestra under the direction of their lead conductor, Alfredo Corral.  We thought it was overall a superb decisions for this chamber orchestra, since 2021, to rehearse at the Laurak Bat Center, and, starting with this one, it’s where their concerts will be held, also.

We must congratulate this center for its magnificent decision to once again play a leading role among all the Basque groups of the diaspora to support and encourage the societies they live in.

The Argentine daily La Prensa published an article in which their prestigious music critic, Carlos Ernesto Ure, reviewed the concert, where works by E. Gried, W.A. Mozart, and Basque composer Arriaga were played.

And it was to the last composer in our list that the reviewer dedicated most of his article.  In a rigorous and very positive article, he made but a single mistake when he claimed that Arriaga was “without a doubt the most important of the Basque composers in its history.”  This is a claim we cannot agree with.

There is of course no doubt he was one of the greatest Basque composers.  It is also quite possible that had he not died at such a young age, he could “compete” for the title of the “greatest.”  However, from our point of view, the title of the “most universal Basque composer” must go to Labourd-born Maurice Ravel.

We’ll leave you with the video presenting the concert led by the chamber orchestra conductor and the article in La Prensa.

29-11-2021- La Prensa – Argentina

La Orquesta Amadeus y un homenaje a Juan de Arriaga­

Es conocida la estrecha vinculación del pueblo vasco con la música, especialmente con el género coral (recuérdense al Padre Donostia y la alta categoría del Coro Lagun Onak, creado por Luis de Mallea). En el camino de esta tradición, uno de nuestros clubes centenarios, el Centro Laurak Bat, junto con Radio Amadeus, inauguró una serie de conciertos con entrada libre y gratuita a cargo de la orquesta de esa emisora, cuya primera sesión tuvo lugar el domingo, en la que se escucharon obras de Grieg, Mozart y Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga, ante un recinto colmado.­

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