Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu has sent his Christmas message to the Basque Community Abroad today.

Yet again, this is the second year now, the complicated situation caused by the covid-19 situation in the world has become one of the main topics he discusses.

And, as in the previous occasion, he has highlighted the strength and energy the Basques in the world project.  This energy and strength was shown clearly during the celebration of the 2021 Day of the Basque Diaspora, held September 8th.

All this proves the importance joining together and coordinating in work has for our future.  This must be one of our key goals as Basques in the world.  It’s a challenge we have to overcome to ensure our future as a country and as a community, which the Lehendakari sums up thus: “Our great challenge is to contribute to articulate this great global Basque Community and turn it into an opportunity for all. 

The Basque Government, as the most important, and well-known, public Basque institution in the world, has a fundamental role to play in this project, to support and back up the leading players in this, the totality of all Basques, to help build this global Basque Community.

We are really looking forward to the project the Lehendakari spoke of in his message: “‘Han Hemen – Basque Global Network’, the new digital platform to share information, ideas, experiences, demands, and needs amongst the entire Basque Community in the world.”  We think this is an important measure that can make this a key tool for the creation and development of this global Basque community.

The message, sent in the four languages most Basques express themselves in, is the message, is a message that highlights the commitment and work of our Basque brothers and sisters in the world.

But it is, above all and like the above, a call for a joint commitment to continue working and creating networks that unite us and strengthen this Basque community that reaches every corner of the planet.


Last Updated on Dec 18, 2021 by About Basque Country

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