Given the trying times brought upon us by COVID-19, the third Day of the Diaspora, which is held on September 8, is going to be virtual this year, with the participation of Basque Centers in several events via live connections.

From the Office of the Lehendakari, the Directorate for the Basque Community Abroad, which is responsible for putting the event together, has decided to make some changes to its initial program, due not only to the complex situation throughout the world, and the restrictions on movement between countries, but also because of the fact that the 8th is a weekday.  So, the 2020 celebration has been extended to the entire week, so not everyone has to do the same format at the same time.

To spread the word on the different initiatives being carried out during the first few days of September in the context of the Day of the Basque Diaspora, the Basque Government has asked all Diaspora institutions that want to participate and share what they had been planning to do to celebrate (dances, banquets, meet-ups, or any other event they want to share with the rest of the Basques in the world) to film a video.  The due date to send the videos is September 13th ([email protected])..

These videos will be edited and a documentary created to share all the celebrations that were held throughout the world.

Lehendakari Iñigo Urukullu has shared his desire to join in on the celebrations, and will do so with an institutional event to be held in Gipuzkoa.  At said event, dantzaris from several countries will perform a virtual traditional dance, so everyone is asked to collaborate.

We’ve always paid very special attention to the this event as a consequence of our logicla interest in the Basques in the World.  This year, in addition to paying that very special attention, we’ll be taking special part in collaboration with the Limako Arantzazu Euzko Etxea – Lima Basque Center and the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Aranzazu of Lima.  Through this, we hope to pay homage to and remember our Diaspora through one of its most important and yet invisible groups: Basque missionaries.

The videos must meet the following:
  • Record the video in HORIZONTAL. NEVER IN VERTICAL.
  • In case you want to record the testimony of one or more people, start recording a couple of seconds before they begin to talk; and please say who they are if you want to identify them. Also, right after the testimony has been recorded, please record some more seconds before you stop recording.
  • During the recording please play with different shots: short shots, general shots, etc. Example: If the situation you are recording is a meal of bacalao al pil-pil, record short shots of the pan, médium shots while cooking and general shots of the table when they are eating.
  • Record in the highest quality possible that the device allows.
  • Do not cut heads in the shots.
  • Record people in the medium shot.
  • Record maintaining the horizontal of the plane (do not bounce the mobile phone).
  • NEVER record a backlighting. Always light must be in the faces.
  • Record in places that are no too noisy.
  • Record in open spaces to avoid possible reverberation and echo.
  • Download the recorded material directly from the device to the computer, do not send the videos by whatsapp (not to loose quality).
  • Rename the files with the name of the Basque Center and Country.
  • Do not modify or comprise the files.
  • Send the videos by wetransfer.
  • Maximun recorded time: 5 minutes.

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