On June 30, the BBC Travel website published an article by Ben Underwater about the Basque tradition of barbecuing.

After reading it thoroughly, we could only come to the conclusion is that all we could add to this article are a few more places in our country where our barbecue tradition shine, as well.  Little more.

So thanks to the BBC for highlighting the Basque origin of the spread of the barbecue throughout the Americas.  Of course this cooking style has many unique and independent origin stories, but it is also true that Basques did play their (leading) part in spreading it throughout the New World.  It’s a good thing this is being said by a Brit and not a Basque.  That way, it’ll be harder for critics to argue that there is nothing good that has come from the creative spirit of the Basques.

Anyway, this is a can’t-miss article, very much worth it!

BBC Travel -30/6/2020 – Great Britain

Where barbecue culture began?

Basque cuisine is an exploration of just how far wood, smoke and flame can be taken as a cooking technique when it’s expertly harnessed and applied to the finest ingredients.

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