Sixty years ago, in July of 1955, the Basque Center of Cañuelas, in Buenos Aires province, was founded.  And we wanted to join in on the numerous celebrations that have been organized for their six very fruitful decades.

It was founded a few years after Radio Splendid in Buenos Aires aired that interview with Lehendakari Aguirre that we never tire of referencing, and in these 60 years, the Basques who have joined the Denak Bat of Cañuelas still follow the Lehendakari’s request to the letter: in one’s adopted homeland, be among the best of all citizens.

The colors the Basques of Argentina carry in their hearts are not just two or three: that is, neither the two of the flag of that extraordinary republic that they helped create and which took so many in with open arms, nor the three of the Ikurriña of their land of origin.  These Basques carry all the colors of both flags in their souls: red, green, white, and blue.

And they do so in the best way possible, remembering the Basque homeland, the land of their forebears.  They’re still connected to it, with love and enthusiasm, like good sons of Euskadi.  But they’re also committed to Argentina, where most of them were born and raised.  That is the commitment with the Argentine compatriots that is the faithful response to José Antonio Aguirre’s request.

How proud we “Basques of the homeland” must feel to see that commitment, hard work, and devotion in our “brothers abroad”.  They are a part, a key part, of our Nation.

Denak Bat of Cañuelas, Zorionak…. now on to the centenary, with the same enthusiasm and commitment.

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