We’ve already had the pleasure of speaking about the Basque firm Sherpa on more than one occasion, thanks to their presence in the field of digital assistants for mobile devices.

And we’re bringing them up again here today, but not because of any breakthrough in that field, but rather for their development of an artificial intelligence program that offers predictions to the Basque Government, with a week’s notice, about the need for beds in the ICUs in the Basque Country during the coronavirus pandemic we’re all living through.

As Xabier Uribe-Etxeberria, CEO and founder of Sherpa, explains in the article on Archyde about this startup’s project, which is considered one of the ten most important companies in the world in the field of AI:

«el software es capaz de pronosticar con siete días de anticipación el número de camas ocupadas en la UCI, segmentadas por hospitales y regiones. Teniendo en cuenta que Osakidetza es capaz de instalar una UCI en 5 días, les damos tiempo para prepararse y dos días adicionales de margen

¿Cómo funciona la herramienta?: Utilizamos datos de Italia y, gracias al hecho de que están dos semanas por delante de España, nos permite extrapolar lo que está sucediendo en ese país al nuestro. Buscamos regiones similares y aplicamos modelos matemáticos junto con inteligencia artificial y aprendizaje automático. Los resultados son muy buenos»

“The software is able to predict, seven days ahead of time, the number of beds that will be occupied in an ICU, segmented by hospitals and regions.  Bearing in mind that the Basque Health Service, Osakidetza, is able to put up an ICU in five days, that gives them enough time to prepare with an additional two days’ margin.

How does the tool work?  By using data from Italy, and thanks to the fact that it’s two weeks ahead of Spain, we’re able to extrapolate what’s happening in that country to ours.  We look for similar regions and apply mathematical models along with artificial intelligence and automatic learning.  The results are very good.”

Just another example of how important it is to have R&D&I projects located in our country, working for the world, but also thing about and for the country.

Archyde – 14/4/2020 – USA

The Basque idea that allows anticipating the needs of emergencies with Artificial Intelligence

The Covid-19 coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the Spanish healthcare system. Technology is playing an important role in this pandemic. In regions such as the Basque Country, a tool based on Artificial Intelligence has been launched, which is capable of forecasting the needs of the ICUs a week in advance. The idea is to specify the number of beds that will be needed in the intensive care units.

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