Given our mission here at the blog to bring you international media, we very rarely turn to the newspapers published in Spain or France; it’s even rarer for us to turn to papers that regularly cover Basque territory.

But today we’re going to make an exception because of the incredible photo-article in Sud Ouest.  Why?  Because we believe that in these times when going out of the house is a true luxury, looking out a window (or through a screen) at the extraordinary beauty that is Irati Forest, even if just photographs, is a gift to be treasured.

The photographer is Bertrand Lapègue, who has somehow managed to capture the beauty of this magical place, and gives us the amazing opportunity to enjoy it from home.

We hope it won’t be much longer before we can enjoy its beauty in person!


Sud Ouest – 16/4/2020 – France

En images. Iraty en plein confinement, la vallée bercée par le printemps

Entre Soule et Basse Navarre, notre photographe, Bertrand Lapègue, a sillonné la vallée d’Iraty, jusqu’aux chalets, au sommet, à 1300 mètres. En plein confinement, ils ont fermé pour la première fois depuis cinquante ans. Nos images.

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foto de cabecera: Clair obscur, au petit matin, en montant au sommet © Crédit photo : Bertrand Lapègue

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