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Today, the same day the 7th World Congress on Basque Collectivities Abroad got started, the Basque Government has released a study carried out by its Sociological Research Cabinet between June and August 2019 about the members of the Basque collectivities who live abroad.

Given the means of contact, it seems to us that this study especially “reached” the part of the Basque Community abroad that is most involved in the world of the Euskoetxeak and which is more interested, and more capable, of maintaining close ties to their land of origin.

In any case, even bearing in mind the potential limitations in the collection of these data, this study gives us highly valuable information which can help develop programs and projects to improve the relations between those Basques and the Basque Country (or vice-versa), as well as to encourage a stronger relationship among those in the diaspora, and to know what interests them.

We have yet to see a study of this reach and depth carried out before.

The data collection was carried out via a structured and closed questionnaire, via two channels:

  • Via mail and email, sending the questionnair to people linked to the Secretary for Action Abroad in the Executive Branch of the Basque Government.
  • Via internet, sharing the survey through the channels that are best known among the Basques living abroad, encouraging them to participate in it.  We voluntarily participated in this spreading.

With these two systems, 3,241 surveys were filled out, 82% via the internet and 18% via email and post, which were the two methods used to carry out this study.

The summary of the study as presented by the Basque Government is as follows:

 6 of every 10 people who live outside Basque territory expressed their desire to return to the Basque Country, according to a study presented today by the Basque Government’s Sociological Research Cabinet.  46% of those surveyed believe they will return, though they’re not sure, while 15% state their stay in another country is temporary and that they will return to Basque territories.

The survey was carried out between June and August in order to know the attitudes and opinions of Basques living outside Basque territory, regarding their identity, their links to Basque culture, their relationships with Euskoetxeak, and their knowledge and assessment of the Basque Government’s programs for the Basque community abroad.  The study was carried out via 3,241 surveys done online and via post.

The study states that the people who make up the “historical diaspora” have spent an average of 31.3 years outside the Basque Country, while 35% of the “new diaspora” is made up of people who emigrated in this century.

The aspects of “everything Basque” that most interested the people who responded to the questionnaire were history (44% mention it among their top two), traditions (42%), the Basque language (40%), and cuisine (19%).

Moreover, 44% state that they take part in activities organized by the Euskal Etxeak.


The whole study


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