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Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu has opened the 7th World Congress on Basque Collectivities abroad, which is being held, as we reported a few days ago, October 2-4 in Bilbao.

Some one hundred representatives of the worldwide Basque community organized around the Euskal Etxeak are present at this congress, whose slogan is “Saregintzan” (“networking”).

The Lehendakari, in his inaugural address, asked those present to reflect on what Euskadi could do for the Basque communities abroad, as well as what they can do for the worldwide Basque Country “we all want to build together”.  He also highlighted that, given the experience and path of the Basque Centers in the world, the suggestions and proposals born of their participation in this congress will become part of the Document of Conclusions that will be published in the Quadrennial Institutional Action Plan 2020-2023, which is being drawn up as we speak.

We’re also publishing a summary of the inaugural event, as well as of the Lehendakari’s speech and the press release Irekia shared.

Also today, the Basque Government released a study they carried out to get to know the attitudes and opinions of the Basque Community living abroad.  The survey was carried out via 3,241 online and mail interviews via a questionnaire we also shared.  Here’s the information on that survey.

Irekia  – 2/10/2019 – Euskadi

Lehendakari: “La experiencia y el encuentro internacional nos enriquece como País”

El Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, acompañado de la Secretaria General de Acción Exterior Marian Elorza, ha inaugurado el VII Congreso Mundial de Colectividades Vascas. El Congreso tiene carácter cuatrienal y en esta ocasión se celebra del 2 al 4 de octubre en Bilbao, bajo el lema Saregintzan.

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