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The Basque firm LOEVA has just introduced a stand-up paddleboard that is transparent.  The goal of this board is to allow the paddlers to be able to glide over the surface of the water while being able to enjoy the underwater universe by day or night, thanks to the LED lighting system that allows you to see underwater in the dark.

It took the designers of this wonderful and exclusive (only 100 will be produced in 2019) board five years of hard work to make their dream come true.  And their dream came true in a very Basque way: 80% of the materials come from the area around Bayonne, and it was manufactured in the Basque Country, as the company itself points out.

This is just one more example of the importance the surf industry, in all its facets and variants, has in our country, on both sides of the administrative border that divides us.

Surfing, like everything related to the sea, has been united to our country, from the anecdote that the first person to surf in Europe was Ignacio Arana from Araba, to the conversion of the Basque Coast into one of the leading surf sites in Europe since the 1960s.

We can’t begin to imagine what it might cost, but even so, we wish them the greatest success.

Surftotal – 26/9/2019 – Portugal


Vanessa Pretotto e Laurent Jaurey são as mentes por trás da marca LOEVA, responsável pela criação da inovadora prancha, totalmente única no mercado. A prancha permite que o utilizador se sinta integrado com o mar proporcionando uma experiência única, e a fila dupla de Leds inserida por baixo da mesma permite ainda iluminar o fundo do mar com uma irradiação de luz com capacidade de alcance de 15 metros em águas claras.

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Chic magazine – 2/10/2019 – France

Un Stand-up paddle transparent pour admirer le fond de l’eau

Vanessa Pretotto et Laurent Jaurey ont créé un paddle inédit, qui n’existe nulle part ailleurs. Cette planche est imaginée et fabriquée au Pays Basque. Cocorico!

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LOEVA’s website

tabla transparente de SUP de Loeva
Loeva transparent SUP

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