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Bizkaia Talent is putting on yet another edition of the Be Basque Talent Meeting (BBTM), an event which has become a key date for those professionals who value continuing their careers in the Basque Country.

It was held yesterday, and a total of 39 highly qualified professionals who are currently developing their careers in the British capital and its surroundings attended, all of them working in sectors such as IT, communications, science and technology, and finance, et al.

The BBTM had Arantxa Tapia, the Basque Government Councilor for Economic Development and Infrastructure, as their keynote speaker, and she greeted all those attending and encouraged them to start the next stage of their careers in the Basque Country.

(Just landed in London and greeted a group of professionals from the Basque Country at an event organized by…)

We’ve blogged about this foundations whose goal is to bring talent back to the Basque Country many times.  We’ll leave you with the information from the foundation itself regarding this event and the report on it that can be found on the “Recruiter” website, which is specialized in the world of “headhunting”.

Recruiter – 2/10/2019 – Great Britain

A statement released by Bizkaia Talent, a non-profit-making association, promoted by the Territorial and Economic Development Department of the County Council of Biscay reveals a ‘Be Basque Talent Meeting’ talent event today.  The meeting will be held at 6.30pm today [2 October] at London’s ETC Venues in Marble Arch, in a bid to encourage skilled professionals and investors to move to Bilbao and the wider Basque area. Opportunities and incentives available for ex-pats (the UK is home to 156,000 Spanish nationals, according to the Office for National Statistics), skilled professionals and entrepreneurs in the Basque Country will also be highlighted.

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Bizkaia Talent – 3/10/2019 – Euskadi

Bizkaia Talent reúne a cerca de 40 profesionales de alta cualificación en una nueva Be Basque Talent Meeting de Londres

Tras el éxito obtenido en la Be Basque Talent Conference de Londres en octubre del 2018, Bizkaia Talent ha vuelto a la capital del Reino Unido, pero en esta ocasión organizando una nueva edición de la Be Basque Talent Meeting (BBTM), encuentro que se ha convertido en cita clave para aquellos profesionales que valoran continuar con su carrera en el País Vasco.

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