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The first edition of the IMD Smart City Index has just been published, classifying 102 cities around the world based on a series of criteria that measure how residents perceive the reach and impact of the efforts made by cities to be “smart”, balancing the “economic and technological aspects” with “human dimensions”.

The study, the first of its kind, was carried out by the Smart City Observatory at the IMD World Competitiveness Center, in association with the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), and it ranks the top ten cities in 2019 as follows:  1) Singapore; 2) Zurich; 3) Oslo; 4) Geneva; 5) Copenhagen; 6) Auckland; 7) Taipei; 8) Helsinki; 9) Bilbao; and 10) Dusseldorf.

The IMD World Competitiveness Center has spent over thirty years dedicated to promoting the progress of knowledge about world competitiveness, researching how nations and companies compete to lay the foundations for a prosperous future.  They’re pioneers in this field.  This center cooperates with a network of 56 associated institutions from all over the world.

The report was just published a few hours ago, and it’s already started to spread like wildfire throughout world media outlets.  We’re sure that this news will have significant reach around the world over the next few days, and that, we’re 100% sure, the Basque city will appear as one of the top ten.

The first few reports we’ve found have only served to confirm that.  We’ll also leave you with the complete report, which analyzes 102 cities

O Jornal Económico – 3/10/2019 – Portugal

Lisboa surge na 76ª posição entre as 102 cidades mais inteligentes do mundo

Lisboa é 76.ª capital tecnologicamente mais inteligente, de acordo com a primeira edição do IMD Smart City Index 2019, elaborado pelo Observatório de Cidades Inteligentes do Centro Mundial de Competitividade, divulgado esta quinta-feira, 3 de outubro. Singapura ocupa a primeira posição do ranking, seguida por Zurique, Oslo, Genebra, Copenhaga, Auckland, Taipé, Helsínquia, Bilbau e Düsseldorf.

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The National – 3/10/2019 – Dubai

Dubai and Abu Dhabi top Mena region in global smart city ranking

Dubai and Abu Dhabi lead the Middle East and North Africa region in a new global ranking of smart cities, outshining advanced urban centres like Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo in implementing technologies to enhance quality of life, the environment and inclusiveness.

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The on line citizen – 3/10/2019 – Singapore

IMD Smart Cities Index 2019: Singapore tops new ‘citizen-centric’ global smart city index

Singapore is the ‘smartest’ city in the world in 2019, according to the new and uniquely “citizen-focused” ranking of global urban areas, which reveals the necessity of aligning policy with the lives and needs of citizens.

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