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About a month ago, we brought to youBloomberg article that showed us how the gazta-tarta being served at the Txikito Restaurant had become the talk of the town in New York.

Today, we’re bringing you another step, thanks to Genevieve Ko, the food editor at the Los Angeles Times, who’s interviewed Dave Beran, who moved from the Great Lakes to the West Coast to become the chef of the Dialogue Restaurant a couple years ago.

That trip was accompanied by a gazta-tarta in the style of the La Viña restaurant in San Sebastian.  This recipe, learned via the traditional tiral-and-error method, has become a very successful dessert in that part of the US—with the added bonus that it’s a dessert that can only be eaten when it’s made…and it’s not always made!

The chef goes into detail about the process of reverse engineering that went into creating a recipe that resembled what the residents and travelers to San Sebastian can enjoy at La Viña.  This meas we’re standing before a Basque dessert that’s entered the “Olympus” of food products, and that Basque cuisine is triumphing in the US.

What’s more, Genevieve Ko also gives us a step-by-step recipe, so that we can give it a try at home.  We’re sure it’d be a lot more successful if eaten in San Sebastian, or New York, or Los Angeles.  You know, the best idea might be to take a trip to the three cities, and give each a try to find out!

Los Angeles Times – 21/3/2019 – USA

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