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The Insider has just published an article by Zoë Miller listing ten places in the US to try the national cuisine of ten places in Europe.

The list starts off with Portuguese, to be immediately followed by…Basque!  The list continues with Italian, Greek, French, German, Nordic (Swedish), Polish, Bosnian, and Armenian.  Leaving to one side just how “European” Armenia is way out there in the Caucuses, this really is an interesting guide to see the routes and destinations of European migration into the US.

In the bit on Basque gastronomy, it’s worth highlighting, as we always love to do, that the article remembers that we Basques live on both sides of the Pyrenees; we also want to remark how amazing we Basques are at creating our own unique cuisine, despite being far away from the homeland.  The cuisine was even able to be named the representative cuisine of the Intermountain West, that area between the Rockies and the Sierra Nevada.

The culinary references were given by Dr. John Stanton, professor at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

The Insider – 20/3/2019 – USA

The best places in the US to get 10 types of European food

Basque Country, a group of autonomous communities in northern Spain and France near the Pyrenees Mountains, has a culinary tradition all its own. But the best place to sample Basque food in the US might surprise you since it’s neither a coastal city nor a typical foodie destination.

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