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Given their expressions, the people in the header photo are showing so much joy that you’d think that photo had been taken in any part of our country, but in fact, it was taken in Elko.

Some of our readers may remember that a few months back, we told you that Aitor Narvaiza, born in Ermua to a family that emigrated to the US, was running for sheriff of Elko County, Nevada.  If you didn’t know, this is an elected position, and on Tuesday, as voters across the county also chose their federal and state representatives, they also elected their sheriff for the next four years.  And Aitor got elected!

Suzanne Featherston wrote the article we’re linking to in the Elko Daily, describing, in great detail, how the election went and the newly-elected sheriff’s first statements, remembering his aita and his promise to him to run in this election.

Unfortunately, as happens with many newspaper websites outside of Europe, the EU General Data Protection Rules mean we can’t access the Elko Daily‘s article directly.

We really wanted to share this article with you, so yours truly got in touch with the paper and got permission to share the article with you from our website.  Since they were so kind to let us reprint their article, we’re able to share it and the story with you.

Following Lehendakari Aguirre’s request: “The Basques must, in their adopted homeland, be the best citizens of all“.

Aitor Narvaiza, Zorionak!!!

Elko Daily – 7/11/2018 – USA

Narvaiza elected sheriff of Elko County

Aitor Narvaiza will be the new sheriff in Elko County. With the Elko County Clerk reporting all precincts except Wells and West Wendover just after 9:15 p.m., Narvaiza had 55 percent of the vote compared with 45 percent for incumbent Sheriff Jim Pitts on Nov. 6. “It’s only 1,000 votes, but it’s a big lead,” Narvaiza said.

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