This article was translated by John R. Bopp

On November 10, José Moreno, a member of the Euzko Gudarostea, and a part of the living history of our Nation, turned 100.  A hundred years for this patriot who even today is still committed to Euzkadi and to the memory of his compatriots who gave it all for Freedom.

We cannot, we will not, let this momentous day just simply pass by.  We’re lucky to be able to have such an important figure in our history still with us.

We’d like to share a printed publication and a sound recording that will let us get to know this hero for the Basque People and for Freedom better.

We would also like to let him know our admiration and commitment to not leave the path that he and his compatriots laid out for us so well.

Zorionak, eta Eskerrik asko!!!

Agur eta Ohore Euzko Gudariari

Health and a Basque Republic!!!

Onda Vasca – 7/8/2017 – Euskadi

José Moreno, memoria viva de la Guerra

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