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If, like us, you’re part of the “unlucky few” who weren’t able to attend the awards ceremony for The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and the following party held in the new San Mamés Stadium for those invited, then you really ought to check out this excellent chronicle written by Diogo Lopes on the website of the Portuguese daily Oberservador.

We’ve read a lot of article in media around the world about the 2018 ceremony, which was held in the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao.  It was a global event that once again put the Basque Country in the world’s spotlight.

You can find a lot of that great information about the grand gastronomic event collected here; it covers this year’s event as well as previous years’.

We’re talking about this again today because we wanted to share this text wish we really wish we could have written ourselves first-hand, if we’d been lucky enough to have been invited.

We found it a brilliant piece, which gave us the chance to learn about the many things that happened and were lived in what we’re sure was a magical evening.

After reading it, we can’t help but lengthen our list of congratulations.  Not only do we need to congratulate the winners, but also those who organized the event in the Basque Country, and also the author of the chronicle we’re linking to, because it’s a brilliantly-written work.

We hope our readers will enjoy it as much as we do.

Observador – 20/6/2018 – Portugal

Da “selfie com Kissinger” à lambada: relato de uma noite entre os 50 melhores restaurantes do mundo

“Se alguém explodir aqui uma bomba, lá se vai a maior parte da gastronomia mundial”, dizia um rapaz de fato, encostado a uma banca cheia de flutes de champanhe vazias. Olhando para todo o cenário que tinha sido montado no Euskalduna Jauregia Bilbao — uma espécie de Centro Cultural de Belém basco, mas em maior e muito melhor –, não era difícil perceber que o mundo da gastronomia estava (quase) todo na grande gala do The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, o evento que todos os anos apresenta uma listagem dos melhores sítios do mundo onde se pode comer.

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