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Last December, the 5th annual Smart Cities Conclave and Awards ceremony was held in New Delhi in order to find the best references and ideas for encouraging smart, sustainable cities in India.

Among the speakers at this event, only one was not from India, and that person was Xabier Arruza from Bilbao Urban & Cities Design, who went to explain Bilbao’s transformation process.

These meetings are organized by Businessworld, which has recently published an article by Mr. Arruza, explaining some of the key elements of the transformation of the Biscayne capital which city planners in India may find interesting.

We have to admit that we really liked the article, though we can’t say the same for the title.  Our regular readers will know that the phrase “Bilbao effect” has never sat well with us, as it paints everything that happened in Bilbao as the consequence of a single action, as if it were just the lucky result of an “all-or-nothing” bet, and not the result of a planned project that was carefully carried out over many years.

In this case, though, the deeper reasons for Bilbao’s transofrmation are well explained, undoubtedly thanks to the deeper understanding the members of Bilbao Urban and Cities Design have of what really happened here.

Business world -18/6/2018 – India


After taking part in the last BW Smart Cities Conclave with the topic “Bilbao – A Journey from Industrial Decay to a Global Smart City”, we are sure that the fascinating urban transformation of Bilbao Metropolitan Area can inspire and match Indian cities big challenges and expectations.  Bilbao today is a prime example of urban restructuring, having transitioned from a post industrial city, to a city of services, culture, design and creativity. Therefore, it has been internationally awarded several times, with special mention to LEE KUAN YEW World City Prize, considered the Nobel Prize of Cities, by the city-state of Singapore in 2010.

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