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We’ve already spoken about the Basque Culinary World Prize before: it’s promoted by the Basque Government via the Basque Culinary Center (which we’ve also talked about on numerous occasions before).  Its goal is to, every year, find and recognize a chef who has made an exceptional contribution to the “improvement of society via gastronomy”.

The 2018 prize, which will be handed out in October of 2018, is now presenting candidates and, among many media references, it became the protagonist of an article at the BBC.

The article is penned by Sean Coughlan, an old friend to our readers, as we once discussed an interesting article of his about education in our country.  In today’s article, he showed the goals and features of the prize, and mentioned some examples of finalist chefs who use their profession as a tool for social transformation.


BBC – 25/4/2018 – Great Britain

Changing the world, one dinner at a time

Ethics and social awareness are not necessarily on the menu when it comes to such upmarket dining. But an international prize, run by a university in the Basque Country, in Spain, has been trying to change that. Instead of indulgence and excess, the Basque Culinary World Prize is trying to give good food a social conscience.

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