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When we say this is a gift, we mean it in the widest sense of the word.  It’s a gift because it’s something the filmmaker, Italian Jeffrey Alex Attoh, has given us all to enjoy.

But it’s also a gift because the author himself has left it “posted” in the comments section of the entry about the filming of “Game of Thrones” on the Basque Coast.

The work of this Italian and his collaborators is beautiful and impeccable.  We think it could be defined as both spectacular and heart-felt, right down to the smallest detail.  It begins a quote from Karlos Linazarsoro (small world!) whose quotes we found discussed on an Italian website.  After that text, the video starts with a narration by Naia Estibaliz citing the poem “Kalatxoriak” by Bernardo Atxaga, backed by beautiful visuals that took our breath away.  

We’re not going to tell you anything more.  We’ll leave you with the text they accompanied the video with, which tells you everything you need to know.  All we have left to say is: Jeffrey Alex Attoh, please come back soon and continue making amazing videos of the Basque Country.  From the Adur River to the Ebro River, this land is, as you say so well, magical.

Euskadi – Basque Country from Jeffrey Alex Attoh on Vimeo.

Filmed and edited: Jeffrey Alex Attoh •
Timelapse and Drone: Andrea De Luca •
Production assistant: Andrea Valotti

Watch also “Frames of Ponza”:
In June 2016, we had a hiking and leaf peeping trip through beautiful Basque Country in Spain.

Trying to find the best surf spots in the region, for just 10 days we brought our surfboards, cameras and some gear to capture some moments of this fun trip.

Physical anthropologists think that modern Basques and ancient Cro-Magnon men share many characteristics and physical traits.

The genetic and ethnic-cultural constitution of the Basques, the remote origin of their language that seems to stem directly from the ancestral memory of the earth and possibly from words, sparks of life fallen from the gods of heaven, allow us to perceive a remote enchanted garden, beyond the barriers of time, inhabited by fantastic and wonderful creatures.

The origin of the language called Euskara, spoken by the Basques, is unknown. It is a pre Indo-European language, totally unique, that shares only a few analogies with Caucasic and Berber dialects.

This film is a collections of sights and sounds from our experience in the Basque Country !

Enjoy the ride and go to Euskadi ! It’s magic !


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