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Our readers will know that we don’t talk about Basque sports news when it comes to who’s traded whom, who beat whom, etc.  But we do happily discuss news about our teams that is good information.

And today, we have some great news about Real Sociedad.  This team’s decision to hire a young homeless man who lived in gate 20 of Anoeta Stadium is spreading like wildfire.  It’s a continuation of the solidarity that the residents of this neighborhood have been giving to help cover this young man’s needs, such as clothing and food.

We’re sure that some will think this is just a marketing stunt, but we don’t.

We think that all actions that help give a hand up to people on the margins of society are good.  We also think that these actions, especially when done by people or groups who are widely known, must be shared.

We’re strong defenders of the idea that the solution to all of society’s problems are, in large part, in the hands of the members of that society that suffers them.  All those who act instead of asking (without doing anything) the government, other authorities, or other people to solve these problems are the active protagonists of change for the better.

Sharing this decision from the Real Sociedad’s leadership will undoubtedly improve this body’s image.  But more importantly, it won’t just help solve a very real and specific problem (which is important enough on its own), but it will also serve as a catalyst for others to make similar decisions.

The news is spreading around the world, from Vietnam to South America.  We’ve collected a few examples.

Soha – 27/10/2016 – Vietnam

Người ăn xin khổ sở ngủ ngoài sân Anoeta suốt 8 tháng và hành động ấm tình người của Sociedad

Theo Marca, Ruben Vitoriano và chú chó Mundo đã lang thang trên các con phố ở San Sebastian trong 3 năm qua. Không có nhà cửa, anh đành phải chọn 1 góc bên ngoài sân Anoeta của Real Sociedad để trú chân.

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Gazzeta – 27/10/2016 – Grecia

Σοσιεδάδ… ελπίδας!

Μεγάλη μπάλα η Ρεάλ Σοσιεδάδ κι εκτός γηπέδων! Η Ισπανία υποκλίθηκε στην κίνηση των Βάσκων να δώσουν δουλειά σε έναν άστεγο που τους τελευταίους οκτώ μήνες κοιμόταν έξω από τη Θύρα 20 του Αnoeta

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Sport – 27/10/2016 – Polonia

Real Sociedad zatrudnił bezdomnego kibica! Piękny gest hiszpańskiego klubu

Nie jest łatwe życie bezdomnego człowieka, który musi tułać się po ulicach, prosić o jedzenie i szukać miejsca, w którym mógłby spędzić noc.

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The 42 -27/10/2016 – Irlanda

Real Sociedad employ homeless man who sleeps outside their stadium

REAL SOCIEDAD HAVE given a homeless man who had been sleeping outside the La Liga club’s stadium a job on their maintenance team.

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Daily Mail – 27/10/2016 – Gran Bretaña

Real Sociedad give homeless man who slept rough with his dog outside their stadium a job at Anoeta

Spanish club Real Sociedad has shown just what it means for a football club to be a pillar of its community by offering a homeless man who slept rough outside the stadium a job.

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ESPNFC – 27/10/2016 – USA

Real Sociedad give job to a homeless man who slept outside the stadium

Spanish newspaper Marca reported that the 35-year-old man, named only as Rubén, had been sleeping in the doorway of one of the entrances to the stadium, with his dog Mundo.

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Independent – 27/10/2016 – Gran Bretaña

Real Sociedad employ homeless man who slept outside La Liga club’s stadium

Real Sociedad have offered a job to a homeless man who has been sleeping outside the club’s stadium. Ruben Vitoriano and his dog Mundo have been homeless on the streets of San Sebastian for three years, and have slept in the doorway of the Anoeta Stadium for the last eight months.

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Yahoo Sports – 27/10/2016 – Italia

Applausi per la Real Sociedad: tessera un senzatetto

Succede di tutto nel calcio. Belle storie, episodi difficili da digerire, episodi per far rimanere a bocca aperta e quelli che inevitabilmente portano ad applaudire una delle tante società professionistiche del calcio mondiale. In questo caso, la Real Sociedad, squadra basca della Liga.


PubliMetro – 27/10/2016 – Colombia

Club de la Liga de España contrata a un “homeless” por dos meses

La Real Sociedad le dio trabajo a un vagabundo que dormía cerca del Estadio de Anoeta desde hace ocho meses. El mundo del fútbol tiene historias dignas de un cuento de hadas o una película de Hollywood. Una de ellas es la que se vivió en España con la Real Sociedad, quienes le dieron trabajo a un “homeless” que dormía fuera de Estadio Municipal de Anoeta.

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