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March 31—Commemoration of the bombing of Durango: truth, justice, and reparations...

Bombardeo de Durango 31 de marzo de 1937. Imagen tomada por los bombarderos italianos responsables del mismo
Commemoration of the anniversary of the bombing of Durango: yet another massacre carried out by Franco's rebels and allies in the Basque Country

Harrijasotze–is it a strange or crazy sport?

Harrijasotza en  sport.sky.it
That's the question the Italian sports site sport.sky has asked; they're even more surprised that it's a sport women also play

‘La Repubblica’ publishes a magnificent report on Vitoria and the Rioja...

Vista de Vitoria desde el anillo verde (Foto D. Llano)
'La Repubblica' has just published an article on Álava, paying special attention to the charms of its capital and the Rioja Alavesa region

The Mondragon co-op model featured on RAI

Mondragon Corporación Cooperativa en RAI3
RAI3 Has broadcast a program about the employment situation in Italy, and has used the Mondragon co-op model as an example of another way to do things

Vitoria-Gasteiz, a jewel in the green heart of the Basque Country

The "Life" website has published an article on Vitoria and how it draws in visitors looking for a city that respects nature and is built on a human scale

Speaking with the Basques from Italy, using the Eco Rally in...

Eco-rally  Bilbao 2019
The Italian daily 'TeverePost' has just published an article by Guido Guerrini giving an overview of the Basques in preparation for the EcoRally

The new, Italian edition of ‘Obabakoak’ with a foreword by Bernardo...

Bernanrdo Atxaga, el escritor vasco, autor de Obabakoak. ©Xabier Idoate
La editorial 21Lettere acaba de publicar en Italia una nueva edición de Obabakoak de Bernardo Atxaga, el más importante escritor vasco vivo

Can thickheadedness offend the memory of those murdered in the Bombing...

On March 20, we came across the ignominious article published on the The Aviation Geek Club website, where Italian Dario Leone, the site's founder...

What Might the ‘Trikitixa’ and the ‘Taranta’ Have in Common? ...

Taranto Vs Trikitixa. ¿Hay alguna relación?
A few days ago, in one of the articles posted on our Facebook page, specifically the one about the lauburus that can be found at...

From Italy: a magnificent description of the San Sebastian pintxos scene

vista de la barra del victor montes
Mixer is an Italian maganize focused on the world of gastronomy which distributes 120,000 copies to bars and restaurants throughout Italy. Their digital edition, Mixer Planet,...