The Italian daily TeverePost has just published an interesting article by Guido Guerrini in which he uses the 2021 Eco Rally Bilbao Petronor as an excuse to offer his readers an overview of everything about the Basque Country.

Let us being by explaining that the author, Guidoe Guerrini, is a driver who has participated in, and won, alternative-fuel vehicle championships.  For example, in 2017, he won the title for Category IIIA (electric cars) Italian co-driver, the world cup of alternative energies, and alongside his driver Nicola Ventura, he won the trophy for the Ecomotori Racing Team.

We could expect that his articles would focus on the matter fo the style of the technical characteristics of the vehicles, or the route’s sections.  But no.  He makes the most of the quotes that this type tests generates to speak to us mostly about where the races are carried out.

Cartel del eco-rally Vasco-Navarro de 2017
Cartel del eco-rally Vasco-Navarro de 2017

In this case, given that the test making up part of the FIA cup for vehicles propelled by “alternative energies” is being held in our country, well, he focused on that.

And we can’t help but admit that we loved it.  As ever, it’s hard for someone who only comes for a few days to try to concentrate “who we are” into an article.  But, as we usually say, he got very close.

Moreover, we got to learn all about this rally, which also used to travel through Navarre, though it is no longer the “Basque-Navarrese” rally (which is a strange term for us, like calling a rally that ran along the coast of the Bay of Biscay from Bilbao to Biarritz the “Basque-Labourdan” rally) but just a Biscayan rally, as its routes stay in the province.

We’re sure his readers will now have a much better idea of the reality of who we are.

TeverePost – 10/11/2021 – Italy

I Paesi Baschi, una storia travagliata e un presente fiorente

L’ecorally dei Paesi Baschi in passato si chiamava Vasco-Navarro e faceva base su Vitoria-Gasteiz. Oggi si è spostato a Bilbao ma la difficoltà e la bellezza di questa gara rimangono le stesse. In questa terra c’è una grande tradizione motoristica e basco è anche il nuovo campione del mondo FIA della disciplina dedicata alle energie alternative.

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