Tim Hayward is an author, speaker, restaurateur, and food enthusiast who writes a restaurant review column for the Financial Times.

His last entry for the global newspaper is dedicated to sharing his dining experience at one of the most emblematic restaurants in Bilbao, the Víctor Montes, where, among other things, he “took on” a txuleton that he thought was perfect.

The result of his visit is that of a critic impressed by how Basques prepare meat, and a journalistic article that approaches the best literary style without losing that culinary critic model.

We won’t drag this out.  We only had one thing we wanted to mention: we’re not sure whether to thank him for his article or to be angry with him.  We’re sure that after this review, it’s going to be even harder to get a table at the Víctor Montés.

Honestly, for “local” Basques, it’s getting harder and harder to maintain that tradition about deciding where to eat and then just going.  Now, it’s becoming almost a miracle to find a table without having made a reservation in many restaurants in our country.  That’s the price you have to pay when the world takes notice of how Basque cuisine is truly at the top.

We’ll leave you to the article; you’ll have to register with the website (for free) in order to read it.

Financial Times – 20/4/2023 – Great Britain

Restaurante Victor Montes, Bilbao: ‘No one understands steak like the Basques’ — restaurant review

There’s a pretty square in the old town part of Bilbao lined with pleasant restaurants serving interesting things. The most comically old-looking one, Victor Montes, is tucked in one corner, its sign written in a Gothic script you’d expect to find on a kid’s book of spells. It serves wine and good pintxos to a well-heeled, standing crowd. Upstairs there’s a dining room.

The Financial Times website does not allow for Google Translation so you’ll have to copy and paste the text into Google yourself.

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