The Río Negro informs us, in an article by Beatriz Chávez, of the history of the Basque Sagaseta family in Patagonia, from their arrival in Argentina in the 1920s.

In that Argentine province, the most well-known figure in this family saga is Celestino Sagaseta.  He was orn in Neuquén in 1929, and passed away only last year, and was the leader of the Argentine rail workers’ union and a member of the provincial parliament.  His career and contributions to the society there was the subject of many an homage.

But this Basque family has had an important role, for a long time, in life in Río Negro, and we can read all about it in the article.

The Río Negro newspaper is published in the Patagonian province of the same name.  They frequently bring us stories of the many Basques who have settled in that part of Argentina throughout history.

Río Negro – 23/4/2023 – Argentina

Los Sagaseta, pioneros en estas tierras patagónicas

El apellido nos debe resultar conocido porque ya hemos historiado a uno de sus integrantes que, fiel a sus convicciones peronistas, ocupó cargos públicos: don Celestino Sagaseta. Hoy vamos a homenajear al resto de su familia, por cierto, prolífica. Todo comenzó con el matrimonio de Virginia del Carmen Baeza, chilena, y de Andrés Eleuterio Sagaseta Ilurdoz, vasco de Tudela, Navarra, España, que se radicó en la década del 20 en San Martín de los Andes.

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