We’ve brought you many articles covering the worldwide spread of our beloved Gazta-Tarta, the dessert born in the kitchens of the La Viña Restaurant in San Sebastian and which took the world by storm in 2020.

Actually, we’ve had to limit ourselves, because the number of articles about this Basque dessert has been huge and we didn’t want to run the risk of repeating ourselves.  It’s become especially popular in the Far East, where it’s become quite fashionable.

But this article by travel, cuisine, and lifestyle writer Sonya Gellert found on the Australian website Delicious could not be missed.

Our readers will forgive us this once because it’s just that special.  In Australia, Gelato Messina has just launched a new flavor, for a limited time only (at least at first), called Basque cheesecake.  And this is no experiment, or mere whim, as it’s been previously tried and tested at the Firedoor Restaurant.

The trial must have been a hit, because the product is now on the market.  And given how hard it is to have ice cream shipped, we’re really in the mood to fly to the bottom of the world to give it a try.

Delicious- 16/5/2021 – Australia

Here’s the scoop: Messina is releasing its Basque cheesecake gelato to the public

Take your tastebuds on a trip to San Sebastian, while firmly seated on your sofa.
If you’ve ever tried a burnt cheesecake made in Spanish Basque country style,
you’ll know that a gelato-based version can only mean very, very good things (IYKYK). And when that gelato is topped with a layer of this distinctive cheesecake, you’ve got yourself a decadently good time.

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