Just a year ago, we brought you the announcement of a new project, the 50 NEXT, which we thought was fantastic.  Why?  As we explained:

“We’ve brought you many articles on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, which brings us that list every year, and where we can find Basque cuisine has a notable place of honor among the world’s best chefs and their restaurants.

We’ve also spoken about the Basque Culinary World Prize, a Basque project organized by the Basque Government and managed by the Basque Culinary Center, which is becoming the “Nobel Prize of Gastronomy” and is allowing our cuisine to have an even greater reach, even to climb a few rungs on the global cuisine ladder.

As a fusion between the two concepts, looking ahead at the future of cuisine in its broadest sense, we’ve just been presented with the 50 Next, a project to list the people who are coming up and shaping the future of gastronomy. Their goal is to present a diverse, global selection of the brilliant young minds who are working to bring their ideas to life.

This list is by no means a ranking; rather, it seeks to inspire, empower, and connect those young people who are going beyond their limits at all levels of the food chain. This is because they wish to recognize those young people who work at all levels and in all areas of cuisine, or in areas that are directly related to cuisine, including but not limited to: activists, bartenders, chefs, consumers, craft beer and liquor makers, designers, distributors, educators, businesspeople, farmers, fishers, food and drink writers, NGO workers, researchers, restaurateurs, scientists, sommeliers, technology creators, wine specialists, and more.”

So yes, we thought it was a brilliant idea, and now that we’ve seen who the Next 50 are, it seems even more so.

You don’t have to read the profiles of each of them to understand that they haven’t been chosen only on “culinary” criteria.  There is, in most of their projects, a deep sense of social and environmental responsibility that revives our faith that today’s youth are looking at the world, its problems, and its opportunities, with a fresh perspective.

There’s fifty of them, more women than men, grouped into seven different areas and, as we said, reading their profiles is like a breath of fresh air, of hope.  They come from every corner of the planet, and a great many of them have project that have a distinctly social character to them.

Of the fifty, there are two Basques, who are also quite unique.

  • The first (two) are in the “Gamechanging Producers” category: Mikel and Ion Zapiain, from Astigarraga.  With a family tradition of cider making that goes back to 1595, these two brothers are bringing their sacred profession into the 21st century.  We love to read how they recall the importance of cider in the great adventures of the Basques all over the North Atlantic whale hunting.
  • The second, in the “Science Innovators” category, is Maitane Alonso Monasterio, from Sodupe.  She is the youngest award winner, aged only twenty, and she has created a food preservation process that has attracted the attention of NASA.

So we just need to congratulate the members of this collaborative network that has allowed this to become a reality.  This project is the result of a lot of people working hard together, as an organization that has been able to create an award as prestigious as The World’s 50 Best Restaurants: the people at the Basque Culinary Center, which alongside the Basque Government has started up the Basque Culinary World Prize; and the people at the Government of Biscay who are providing the energy to give Basque cuisine a global reach, a key factor in the image of our nation.

This is an example of the private-public partnership and “vision of a country” that will allow for the awards ceremony to be held in our country, just as the The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018 event was held in Bilbao.

We’ll leave you with the website with the list of winners, and the info on the two Basque winners, as well as some of the media outlets were the list of those chosen has appeared.

And we’re anxious: the awards ceremony, to be held in Bilbao, is going to be a global event, both because of who the winners are, as well as because of the fact that they’re from all over the world.  This is but another step in showing the world that we Basques are “The Culinary Nation“.

The World’s 50 Best – 20/4/2021 – Great Britain

Meet the class of 2021 Discover the inaugural 50 Next list

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The World’s 50 Best – 20/4/2021 – Great Britain

The World’s 50 Best – 20/4/2021 – Great Britain


Forbes – 20/4/2021 – USA

The 50 Next Awards: World’s 50 Best Names The Future Of Gastronomy

For 20 years, World’s 50 Best celebrated the hospitality industry with annual rankings of the finest restaurants and bars on the planet. Now the UK-based organization is looking for future stars in the gastronomical galaxy with a new list—50 Next.

Evening Standard – 20/4/2021 – Great Britain

50 Next: Londoners named among global list of ‘young people shaping future of gastronomy’

A zero-waste chef, pioneering app developers and a duo who train prisoners up as baristas are among the Londoners named as part of a new list celebrating the “young people shaping the future of gastronomy”.
50 Next — a new initiative launched by the organisation behind two prestigious awards, The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and the The World’s 50 Best Bars — features trailblazers aged 20 to 35, covering 34 countries across six continents.

TK Media – 20/4/2021 – Ukraine

Меняют будущее гастрономии: Евгений Клопотенко вошел в список молодых людей 50 Next

Евгений Клопотенко вошел в список молодых людей 50 Next, которые меняют будущее гастрономии. Список 50 Next объявил международный рейтинг лучших ресторанов мира The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

El Comercio -20/4/2021 – Peru

Manuel Choqque: cusqueño obtiene reconocimiento mundial por proyectos a base de papa nativa

El nuevo proyecto de “The World’s 50 Best” en colaboración con Basque Culinary Center y Diputación de Bizkaia ha reconocido al ingeniero agrónomo y productor por sus proyectos acerca de la papa nativa y vino de oca

Fine Dining Lovers – 20/4/2021 – USA

50 Next: The Young People Shaping the Future of Gastronomy

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants has today unveiled its new listing of young people from 34 countries across six continents, identified as next-generation leaders in food and drink.

The list includes 24 women and 19 men, scouted by the organisation’s academic partner the Basque Culinary Center, and a 50 Next event will follow in Bilbao in early 2022. The list is not a ranking, and it has no number one spot, so all the people who appear on the list are recognised equally.

Yahoo News – 20/4/2021 – Singapore

The Southeast Asians on the ’50 Next’ list of young people shaping future of gastronomy

The organisation behind The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and The World’s 50 Best Bars today unveiled the first edition of 50 Next, a list of young people under 35 years old shaping the future of gastronomy. This first edition of 50 Next features personalities across the globe, identified as the next-generation leaders in the food and beverage industry.

The Bharat Express – 20/4/2021 – India

The 50 Next Awards: World’s 50 Best Names The Future Of Gastronomy

For 20 years, World’s 50 Best celebrated the hospitality industry with annual rankings of the finest restaurants and bars on the planet. Now the UK-based organization is looking for future stars in the gastronomical galaxy with a new list—50 Next. And if this inaugural list is any indication, the future is looking mighty bright and quite diverse—much more so than many of the other awards. Out of more than 700 candidates in the pool, results have yielded more women (twenty-four) than men (nineteen), all spread across seven categories within the industry: game changing producers, tech disruptors, empowering educators, entrepreneurial creatives, science innovators, hospitality pioneers, and trailblazing activists.

El Tiempo – 20/4/2021 – Colombia

Jennifer Rodríguez, una colombiana entre los chefs de los ’50 Next’

Ocho jóvenes latinoamericanos, entre ellos la colombiana Jennifer Rodriguez, se hicieron hueco en la primera edición de la lista ’50 Next’, que distingue a talentos menores de 35 años que contribuyen al futuro de la gastronomía mundial como productores, educadores, creadores de tecnología o activistas.

WFMZ – 20/4/2021 – USA

50 Best Unveils 50 Next, A Global List Of Young People Shaping The Future Of Gastronomy

he organisation behind The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and The World’s 50 Best Bars has today unveiled the first edition of 50 Next, a list of young people shaping the future of gastronomy. Designed to inspire, empower and connect the next generation of leaders, 50 Next celebrates people aged 35 and under from across the wider food and drink scene, from producers and educators to tech creators and activists. This year’s virtual announcement will be followed in 2022 with a live event in the region of Biscay, in the Basque Country of Spain, the official Host Destination Partner to 50 Next, once travel restrictions are eased.

Directo al Paladar – 20/4/2021 – Mexico

La cocinera tradicional chiapaneca Claudia Albertina Ruíz, dentro de la lista 50 Next que reconoce a los próximos líderes gastronómicos

La lista de los 50 Next elige a los 50 nuevos talentos de 34 países que prometen generar cambios positivos en el campo gastronómico desde diferentes trincheras, es así como cocineros, productores, creativos, científicos, activistas y educadores entre otros, se colocaron dentro de las figuras que destacarán en este campo en los próximos días; cabe destacar la aparición de la cocinera chiapaneca Claudia Albertina Ruíz, propietaria del restaurante Kokonó en Chiapas, México.

Concrete Playground – 20/4/2021 – Australia

These Four Australians Have Been Named in the World’s 50 Best Next-Generation Hospo Leaders

Every year, the World’s 50 Best Bars ranking outlines the innovative drinking spots and watering holes that should be on everyone’s must-visit list, with three Sydney bars — Maybe Sammy, Cantina OK! and Bulletin Place — making the cut in 2020. That’s one way of scoping out the top establishments and folks currently doing their thing in the hospitality industry; however, the organisation behind that rundown has just come up with another: the 50 Next, which picks the standout next-generation leaders currently shining bright in the food and drink world.

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