We admit it, we think this idea is brilliant: one that lets young couples save money and help protect the environment for their newborns to grow up in.

Tara Chanseau, a young Basque woman from Briscouc, just east of Bayonne, has set up a company named Tatou.  Located in Bidart, it “rents” baby clothes to couples during their newborn’s first year.  That period was chosen, at least to start out with, as clothing doesn’t get too much wear in that time and because children outgrow it so quickly.

The parents receive a box with twelve “basic pieces” for their son or daughter, and another one will be sent every three months.  She packs and sends the boxes, and then receives those back, cleans and reconditions them, and sends them on to another family.  The clothing can be used up to five times before it’s donated to Restos du Coeur or Secours Populaire.  That guarantees that every bit of use will be squeezed out of these articles.

We thought this was a very original idea, and it makes a lot of sense.  We wish this young Basque, with all her skill and initiative, every success in her project, and we hope she’ll be able to expand it to all Basques.

Presse Lib – 2/2/2021 – France

COUP DE CŒUR – Tara Chanseau et Tatou

A 23 ans, cette entrepreneuse basque a créé une plateforme qui loue des vêtements pour bébé. Une solution écologique, économique et solidaire pour les jeunes parents…

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Tatou –   – Euskadi


Fini le gaspillage! Consommez mieux pour votre nouveau-né en lui offrant une box de 12 pièces incontournables à sa garde robe renouvelable tous les 3 mois jusqu’à son premier anniversaire!

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