As we brought to you at the time, the 2020 Day of the Basque Diaspora had to be virtual and collaborative.  The Basque Government asked the Basque Community across the whole world to send in videos documenting the initiatives they organized for this celebration.

We, along with the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Aranzazu of Lima and the Limako Arantzazu Euzko Etxa — Lima Basque Center, are sharing a message to all Basques from the newly-named Bishop of Yurimaguas, Basque Passionist Jesús María Aristín. This message was part of an interview we had with him to celebrate his being offically named bishop by Pope Francis.

The Directorate for the Basque Community Abroad committed itself to gathering all those videos and compiling them into a summary video of this global celebration of the Basque community.  Well, it’s finally ready, and the results are magnificent, especially bearing in mind how hard it was to choose from and organize so many videos.

The text that accompanies the video is:

A causa de la pandemia mundial que estamos viviendo la Dirección para la Comunidad Vasca en el Exterior abogó por la celebración en 2020 de una edición virtual del Día de la Diáspora Vasca. De esta manera se pudo conmemorar el 8 de septiembre la tercera edición de esta fecha tan importante para las distintas comunidades vascas en el exterior. Danzas, banquetes, cantos, música, deporte vasco y otras muchas acciones se llevaron a cabo en el contexto del Día de la Diáspora Vasca. Las euskal etxeak, comunidades vascas y particulares que residen en el exterior grabaron en vídeo esas celebraciones y ahora un resumen de las mismas ha sido recogido en un hermoso vídeo.

Because of the worldwide pandemic we’re going through, the Directorate for the Basque Community Abroad decided to celebrate the 2020 Day of the Basque Diaspora virtually.  This way, the third edition of such an important date, September 8, could be commemorated by different Basque communities abroad.  Dances, banquets, songs, music, Basque sports, and many other events were carried out to celebrate the Day of the Basque Diaspora.  The euskal etxeak, Basque communities, and Basque individuals residing abroad filmed  these celebrations, and now a summary thereof has been compiled into a beautiful video.

The message from the Bishop of Yurimaguas can be found at 18:04.  It’s a very symbolic place, at the end and almost acting as a summary, of everything the Basques around the world have sent as a message.

As we said at the time, when we sent in our contribution, this message reminds us a great deal of what Lehendakari Aguirre asked us to do in 1955, telling all Basques from a radio station in Buenos Aires to, “In your adopted homeland, be, among all citizens, the best”.

To all our Basque brothers and sisters around the world, our warmest embrace and best regards

In the header image, which you can see below as well, we couldn’t help choosing an homage to Basque women, the true mortar that binds our nation together.

Día de la Diáspora 2020. Las mujeres han sido en Euzkadi y en el mundo la fuerza que ha unido a nuestra nación y la que ha tirado de ella en los momentos más difíciles.
2020 Day of the Diaspora: Women in Euskadi and the world have been the strength that holds us together and where we turn to in the hardest times.



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