This is not the first time we’ve had the pleasure of blogging about the attempts to “recover talent” that emigrated to Boston: back in 2018, a Be Basque Talent Meeting, which had been organized by Bizkaia Talent, was held there, right about the same time the governments of the three territories that make up the Basque Autonomous Community approved fiscal incentives to help talent that was then abroad to come home, especially those Basque who had had to leave during the crisis.

The plan to recover and attract talent that is being promoted by Bizkaia Talent has received international recognition, which we’ve also had the pleasure to blog about, as well as getting really good results in bringing people home, especially with the participation of numerous Basque companies at these encounters.

On this occasion, the event brought together about thirty people who currently live in the Boston area, and got them in touch with Basque companies, explaining the opportunities that there are, as well as the grants and other tools available to them to get them in touch with the Basque labor market, such as the Career Development Centre (CDC), which are all part of the package the Be Basque Talent Network has for bringing together workers and companies.

The Be Basque Talent Network is the largest network of highly skilled professionals in the world who are in or who are related to the Basque Country.  It’s made up of over 13,500 professionals in 100 countries and more than 430 Basque organizations, whose goal is to get professionals around the world in touch with other professionals and companies to facilitate moving talent, creating contacts, and making business relationships easier.

Bizkaia Talent – 3/2020 – Euskadi

The Be Basque Talent Meeting in Boston brings together thirty professionals from the Massachusetts area

Giving further continuity to the Be Basque strategy and with the aim of continuing to maintain a link between the Basque Country and Basque professionals who are developing their careers abroad, on the 23rd February Bizkaia Talent organized the first Be Basque Talent Meeting of 2020 in the city of Boston.

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