Variety is a prestigious American magazine dedicated to the world of entertainment, which has been published since 1905 and which we’ve cited before.

This month, they’ve published an article by Jamie Lang covering the efforts being made by Basque director Asier Altuna (who we’ve blogged about many times before) to bring the work of Kirmen Uribe, “La Hora de Despertarnos Juntos (The Time to Wake Up Together)” to the big screen.  The book tells the story and lives of two Basque patriots, Karmele Urresti and Txomin Letamendi, and their struggle for the cause of the Basque People.

This book is all about the true story of two Basques who were committed to the cause of Freedom and the struggle against Fascism, fighting against the Francoist insurgents before being exiled, where they continued the struggle.  It’s a real story of adventure, war, love, espionage, and the defense of “the best principles”.

Cartel teaser Karmele CREDIT- TXINTXUA FILMS
Teaster poster for Karmele CREDIT- TXINTXUA FILMS

The film will be titled “Karmele”, and right now they’re looking for the necessary funding to make it happen.  We have a lot of misgivings about this, because it’s not going to have the media, political, or advertising support of other works that talk about our country from very different perspectives, telling made-up stories.  It’s not going to debut as a Netflix miniseries or anything of the sort.

Karmele Urresti gave up being a nurse in Basurto to become a nurse on the Basque Front, and in the south of France, at the service of the Euzkadi Government.  Txomin Letamendi gave up being a trumpet player for the Bilbao Symphony as well as a jazz musician, first to go on to be a gudari captian, and then spy for the Euzkadi Government.  Truly great stories that need to be told.

We really do hope this project gets off the ground, and finds the funds necessary, so that we can enjoy this great film and get to relive the true story of a nurse and a trumpet player to fought for their country against Fascism, even when in exile.

We’ll leave you with the report from Variety, the obituary for Karmele Urreti as written by Iñaki Anasagasti, and an interesting, illustrated article from Jazoera on Txomin Letamendi.

Variety – 7/12/2019 – USA

Asier Altuna Preps Basque Historical Drama ‘Karmele the Hour of Waking Together’

Basque cinema is booming, and director Asier Altuna is part of the vanguard leading it forward. The Spanish filmmaker, behind 2005 Youth Award winner “Aupa Etxebeste!” and 2015 Best Basque Film “Amama” at the San Sebastián Intl. Film Festival, attended this year’s Ventana Sur Proyecta sidebar with his next project, “Karmele, the Hour of Waking Together.”

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Iñaki Anasagasti – 5/2010 – Euskadi


Karmele Urresti con el Lehendakari Aguirre
Karmele Urresti con el Lehendakari Aguirre

Falleció ayer domingo en Ondarroa, una de esas mujeres abertzales cuya vida resume la larga lucha del nacionalismo vasco en el SigloXX.

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Jazoera – 5/6/2017 – Venezuela/Euskadi


Txomin Letamendi con la trompeta y al fondo el Lehendakari Agirre. Paris.
Txomin Letamendi con la trompeta y al fondo el Lehendakari Agirre. Paris.

Desde hace unos años he querido escribir algo sobre Txomin Letamendi, que desde mis tiempos en la Ikastola Euzkadi Venezuela me llamaba la atención por ser la persona de la única fotografía presente, junta a varios cuadros, en el salón principal del Caserío de nuestra Eusko Etxea de Caracas. Posteriormente cuando comencé mis andanzas con Jazoera, siempre he querido resaltar el nombre de los nuestros, de sus andanzas, de sus recuerdos, de sus logros, de darles homenaje por haber sido, habernos hecho, y definir lo que hemos sido, somos y seremos como comunidad vasca venezolana.

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