The website of the Jewish weekly Canadian Jewish News (with a run of 32,000 copies) has just published an article by Ron Csillag discussing the presence of the Jews in the Basque Country.

It’s a very interesting article, which goes over their presence in the current Basque Autonomous Community as well as the part of our country under French administration, especially in Bayonne.

We can’t help but smile wanly at the difficulties those who wish to visit and describe our country have.  In this case, the author explains the differences between the different parts that are in Spain, especially highlighting the ones between the Basque Country, including Bayonne, and the rest of “Spain”.  Such is our burden for being a stateless nation divided between different nation-states.

In the article, we found, or rather didn’t find, two things we thought really ought to be mentioned when discussing the Jews in Navarre and their absence in the Biscayne town of Balmaseda, a strategic entry point into the Basque Country for centuries, where the Jewish community had a strong presence.  Regarding the Jews of Navarre, we’ve blogged about Tudela-born rabbi and traveler Benjamín de Tudela before.

Along with this article published by this Canadian weekly, we also include the article the Auñamendi Encyclopedia, a key source of information about the Basques, has on the history and presence of the Jews in the Basque Country.  We’re also linking to the chapter dedicated to them by Basque Public Television on “Una Historia de Vasconia”.  Finally, we’re including the links of interest to the connections between this people and our country that we’ve been blogging about over the years.

Canadian Jewish News – 4/12/2019 – Canada


Spaniards are not kidding when they talk about regional distinctiveness. The southern region of Andalusia, for example, is as different from Catalonia in the northeast, with its unique language and independence-minded politics, as Nova Scotia is from Quebec.

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Enciclopedia Auñamendi –  -Euskadi


Los judíos fueron en el contexto de la sociedad vasca medieval una minoría religiosa que coexistió con una población mayoritariamente cristiana. Contaron con el apoyo y protección de los reyes, protección basada en razones fundamentalmente económicas puesto que percibían de ellos contribuciones más elevadas que las que pagaban los cristianos; sin embargo, no fueron admitidos por el pueblo, del que vivían apartados en barrios especiales, las llamadas aljamas o juderías.

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The Basque Hero for the State of Israel

From Canada: footprints of the Jewish presence in the Basque Country From Canada: footprints of the Jewish presence in the Basque Country


The Basque melody that has become an “unofficial” anthem of Israel

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