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We’ve spoken about Marti Buckley Kilpatrick, the chef who was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and now lives in San Sebastian, many times on our blog.  We’ve done so both for her articles about our cuisine, as well as for her fantastic blog “Blank Palate.

But it would seem that we left one of her most important achievements out: her books!  So, we’re remedying that right now.

Basque Country- A Culinary Journey Through a Food Lover's Paradise
Basque Country- A Culinary Journey Through a Food Lover’s Paradise

Our urgency has many reasons.  Firstly, because her book, “Basque Country: A Culinary Journey Through a Food Lover’s Paradise“, deserves a mention on our blog and we hadn’t yet done so.

Secondly, because this book, published in September of last year, has been recommended by several media outlets, including our always admired New York Times, which included it on the list of cookbooks to give for Christmas 2018.

And thirdly, because, and this is the latest reference to the book that we have, it has won the “International” prize at the 2019 International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) awards!

As our readers can see, those are some great reasons that required us to dedicate an entry of honor to this “American in San Sebastian”.  Thus, we correct our mistake and spread the word about her book and success.

That leaves just one “classic” matter left to comment: the Basque Country doesn’t end at the Bidasoa and the Pyrenees.  The Basques, as Voltaire said, are a “people who live and dance at the feet of the Pyrenees…”, but on both sides!  To limit our existence to only one of those sides is to tell only part of our reality as a country and a culture.

We’ll leave you with the reference to the book that was published in the New York Times, including her recipe for hake with clams in green sauce, which can be found in the book.

New York Times – 2/10/2018 – USA

The hors d’oeuvre tidbits called pintxos, the seafood and the saline nature of the cooking and wines of Spain’s Basque region won me over on my first trip.

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New York Times – 3/10/2018 – USA

Hake With Clams in Salsa Verde

This Basque classic from Marti Buckley’s cookbook “Basque Country: A Culinary Journey Through a Food Lover’s Paradise,” requires a bit of quick stove work once the clams start to open.

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