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It’s been a while since we’ve blogged about anything scientific, so this study by the University of Navarre is the perfect excuse to “get back on track”.

BBC News on May 30 published a report on the conclusions reached in two studies of the influence of ultra-processed foods on our health, the first by the University of Paris, and the second by the University of Navarre.  In both cases, the conclusions reached are the same: they are related to an early death and poor health.

This news is making headlines all over the world.  A great many media outlets have mentioned it, highlighting the studies’ conclusions.

We’ve linked to the BBC article, another from El Universal in Mexico, and the study report itself.

BBC – 30/5/2019 – Great Britain

Ultra-processed food linked to early death

Researchers in France and Spain say the amount of such food being eaten has soared. Their studies are not definite proof of harm but do come hot on the heels of trials suggesting ultra-processed foods lead to overeating. Experts expressed caution but called for further investigation.

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El Universal – 31/5/2019 – Mexico

Los alimentos ultraprocesados pueden dañar el corazón

Consumir en exceso refrescos, papas fritas, galletas, helados, pasteles o comidas “listas para calentar” no es bueno para la salud.

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BMJ – 29/5/2019 – Great Britain

Association between consumption of ultra-processed foods and all cause mortality: SUN prospective cohort study

Nutrition is widely recognised as a crucial driver of chronic disease. Dietary habits influence many risk factors for cardiometabolic health, leading to type 2 diabetes, stroke, and heart disease, which are among the leading causes of death globally. Collectively, these risk factors associated with poor quality diet pose substantial health and economic burdens, and studies have shown that dietary factors are one of the main causes of the global burden of disease (measured as disability adjusted life years).

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