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Just a few enthusiasts of film recordings, telling what life was like in our country in the past.  In this blog we’ve gotten, for example, to tell the story of a beautiful amateur film showing us what Bilbao was like in the ’60s, and another doing the same north of the Pyrenees.  The Basque Film Library is full of small treasures that serve as a “window” to getting an idea of what our country was like in the 20th century.

We’re telling you all this because in one fell swoop, we’re going to be adding a lot of videos we’ve just found, and which seem to be growing in number, to that small selection of films we’ve referenced on the blog.

It’s thanks to Fabien Jans and his publication in Sud Ouest that we found out about it.  In his article, he tells how Gérard Suzarte, the former manager at the Les Variétés cinema in Hendaye, has started a YouTube page that, little by little, is making all those films donated by Pierre Bestiou, as well as those by Julien Julia, available to all.  They all show slices of life in our country in the second half of the 20th century, years that seem so near, and yet so far.

The films Gérard Suzarte recovered were entrusted to the Basque Film Library, Euskadiko Filmategia, who immediately noticed the cultural and patrimonial interest, and is working hard to digitize them.

It is definitely worth it to “take a stroll” through this collection of fragments of our daily lives decades age.  We can find many references to Hendaye, but also to San Sebastian, Elantxobe, Sunbilla, Ezpeleta, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, and even a few dramatic pieces, like that of the barnacle collector.

Like we said, true joys that need to be explored and enjoyed.  We love this initiative.

This collection is available on the YouTube channel: qualis artifex

Sud Ouest – 28/5/2019 – France

Insolite: le passé d’Hendaye surgit sur YouTube

L’ex-responsable de la programmation des Variétés Gérard Suzarte a mis en ligne plusieurs vidéos numérisées provenant du fonds que lui a légué Pierre Bestiou.

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Uno de los vídeos de esta colección

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