This article was translated by John R. Bopp
Cartel de la película Errementari
Cartel de la película Errementari

Back on February 2, we wrote about the then about-to-début film Errementari. El herrero y el diablo.  As is now usual, thanks to the work of our translators Leire and John (hi Mom!), the entry is now available on our blog in three languages, Basque, English, and Spanish.  The Spanish version, which is often the most widely read, got a decent number of hits, about 1600.

This was all very normal, until October 13.

We are very happy with the number of readers we’re getting from outside Spain, about 30% or so of our total hits.  About a third of those visits, or 9% of the total, come from the US.

But then, on October 13, we saw something that left us perplexed.  The number of visitors from the US to our blog shot up, reaching a total of 22% of our total hits.  It caught our eye and we started digging deeper.

Our surprise only grew when we saw that almost all that growth was coming for just one entry, the English-language version of the article talking about the début of the film.  Between the 12th and the publishing of this article, it’s gotten 1,719 hits, making it the first time the English version has been the most-read.

The mystery finally cleared up when we learned that Netflix added that film to its streaming service catalog on October 12.  That means it’s now available to all of its subscribers all around the world.

That must have tirggered an increase in internet searches about that film, and English speakers thus came across our article.  That’s 1,719 hits, mostly from the US, with an average read time of three minutes.

What’s more, for the first time that we’re aware of, our blog is on the first page of the English-language version of Google search results that doesn’t include the word “Basque”.  Quite an accomplishment.

Posición del artículo sobre Errementari de realizado desde Atlanta (USA) y desde una ventana de navegación privada (para que no influyan las búsquedas previas)
The position of our article on ‘Errementari’ among the search results for a VPN in Atlanta from an incognito-mode browser (so that previous searches don’t have any influence)

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