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Next March, in a month or so, the movie “Errementari” will debut in theaters.  It’s the fantastic fable, filmed in Basque, of a smith who’s able to fool the devil himself, which was originally told in a publication by José María de Barandiaran at the beginning of the 20th century.

It’s the first feature-length film by Vitoria-born director Paul Urkijo, who faced the daunting task of turning the tale of Patxi Errementaria into a film that shares all the mystery and ambience hidden behind this popular Basque tale.  The film was produced by another Basque, prestigious Bilbao director Álex de la Iglesia.

The “Errementari” poster
The “Errementari” poster

The story takes place in the Basque country in the middle of the 19th century, between the First and Second Carlist Wars.  It’s a period of time that can strike fear into the Basque heart, as it was a time of deep crisis that would end up with the elimination by force, be they Spanish or French arms, of Basque freedoms.

Northern Basques had, a few years earlier, already suffered the loss of some of them with the idea of a Unitary Republic imposed on them from Paris.  The process in the Southern Basque Country was much more drawn out, throughout a good part of the 19th century, with a series of bloody wars that almost finished the Basques off.

We’re really looking forward to seeing this story brought to the silver screen.  While we’re waiting, we can enjoy the very suggestive trailer, which seems to promise an intense and solid story.  We’ll also leave you with an article on the Bloody Disgusting website, and an article in Deia that explains the project very well.

By the way, a part of the story, which, as we said, is about a smith, was filmed at the El Pobal forge, where we filmed one of our Viewpoints videos.


ERREMENTARI: EL HERRERO Y EL DIABLO – Trailer Extendido (VOSE) from Errementari Film on Vimeo.

Bloody Disgusting – 20/10/2017 – USA

Head to the Basque Country in the Blacksmith and the Devil ‘Errementari’ Trailer

It’s always fascinating to hear mythology from different countries.  After Premiering at SITGES Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya the trailer for Errementari based on Basque folklore has debuted.  Watch the gothic beauty unfold in a period where demonic creatures lurk to capture unwitting souls.  The film screens next at San Sebastian Horror Film Festival.

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Deia – 1/12/2016 – Euskadi

Una fábula fantástica enfrentará al diablo con Patxi el Herrero

El próximo 12 de diciembre arrancará en Araba el rodaje de Errementari, un ambicioso largometraje de género fantástico dirigido por el gasteiztarra Paul Urkijo, quien adaptará a la gran pantalla el cuento popular vasco Patxi Errementaria (Patxi el Herrero), recogido por Joxe Miguel Barandiaran en 1903, en el que aborda la historia de un herrero que vendió su alma al diablo durante la primera Guerra Carlista y que tras volver a su tierra y sentirse engañado al ver en qué se ha convertido, se las ingeniará para engañar al diablo y conservar alma.

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