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This is hardly the first time we’ve spoken about the work being done at the Arantzazu Euzko Etxea of Lima.  This Basque Center, born of the historical Brotherhood of Our Lady of Arantzazu of Lima, was founded in 1612 by the children of the Basque Nation who resided in that colonial city, and it’s still very active.

Today, we’re referring back to them because, last October 12th, they published a manifesto, called the Lima Manifesto: on the Valley of the Fallen and the Franco’s Tomb, to demand the removal of the remains of dictator Francisco Franco from the Valley of the Fallen, and the end to this monument to the insurgents.

This Basque Center widely broadcast this manifesto to Basque centers around the world, in order to obtain the greatest support possible, thereby showing how the Basque community abroad supports the elimination of this monument to an insurgent who caused so much damage to our nation while receiving the honors of a “head of State”, surrounded by those who died because of his act of rebellion, as if he were a pharaoh.

As the manifesto itself explains, any Basque center around the world can make it their own, just by changing the signature.




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