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Yesterday, the Financial Times published an article about the maneuvers the Basques are making to “capture talent in London”.  It’s an analysis by Sarah Gordon about the Be Basque Talent Conference London that Bizkaia Talent is holding on Saturday, October 6, in the British capital. At this event, which will be attended by more than 40 Basque organizations and 170 Basque professionals who live in the UK, there will be more than 800 networking opportunities.

We’ve already spoken on numerous occasions about the events this Basque foundation holds in order to attract talent.  This goal is mostly focused on being able to offer our young people who’ve had to go abroad to possibility of coming back home with decent working conditions.

A few months ago, we discussed how on the list of world cities’ talent competitiveness index, Bilbao-Biscay ranked an interesting and respectable 32nd, just above other cities like Singapore, Rotterdam, or Buenos Aires, and only three places behind Berlin. And when the Global Talent Competitiveness Index in 2018 analyzed three case studies of territorial talent management strategies, one of those cities they chose to analyze was Bilbao. In this case, it was the ‘Financial Times’ who remarked that Paris and Bilbao are attractive places for companies and professionals who are having to move from the UK to the Continent due to Brexit.

Boston, Dublin, Munich, London…many destinations to go around getting back part of the talent we have that’s spread around the world.  It’s good that our young people travel and work outside our country.  But it’s important that they do so because they want to and not because they feel forced to.  It’s equally important that they find good jobs when they get home.  That’s how we feel about this matter, anyway, as we discussed a while back at a similar even in Dublin.

The article and its comments are worth reading, including those “enthusiasts” of “constitutional patriotism” who call Basque a “dead language”.

Financial Times – 3/10/2018 – Gran Bretaña

Basque region turns on the charm to tempt London’s leavers

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