This article was translated by John R. Bopp

Honestly, we found this report from Herald Scotland hard to believe, but it’s true and quite serious.  The newspaper has asked the Scottish police, using their right to obtain official information (just like in Spain–not), for an official list of flags that if flown could be seen as a criminal offense.

In the article, penned by Peter Swindon, it’s explained that Scottish police received a list of potentially criminal symbols along with a brief description of the laws that could be broken if they are waved “provocatively”.

Many of the flags included in the Police Scotland list contain sectarian symbols and are often waved by republican or loyalist groups in parades, while others are seen regularly on the balconies of Scottish soccer stadiums.

However, several flags “marked as potential criminal” are the official symbols of countries and territories around the world.  In this group are included the Basque and Catalan flags.  This reminds us of earlier cases when the Ikurriña was included in prohibited symbols.

We’re not sure what the concept “provocative” means in this case, whether it’s how fast the flags are waved, the volume level of the shouts of those who carry it, or where it’s displayed.  In any case, it’s incredible that the authorities in Scotland have cataloged an Ikurriña being waved on the streets of that nation as “potential dangerous”.

By the way, someone could also explain to those who’ve drawn up the list that the Ikurriña represents Basques on both sides of the Pyrenees, in France and in Spain, just as it represents the hundreds of thousands of Basque descendants spread across the globe.

We’re sure that this opinion of the Scottish authorities about the significance of other nations’ flags on their streets in no way reflects the opinions of the citizenry on the matter.

Herald Scotland – 23/9/2018 – Scotland

Revealed: the police list of flags that could be criminal offence to fly in Scotland

An official Police Scotland list of flags which could be a criminal offence to display includes the Irish tricolour, the Israeli and Palestinian flags and the Catalan and Basque flags – but not the Union Jack or Saltire. A “restricted” document issued to officers – and obtained by the Herald on Sunday using Freedom of information legislation – includes pictures of potentially criminal symbols and a brief description of the laws which may be broken if they are flown “in a provocative manner”.

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