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Pedro Gordilho is a Brazilian lawyer who has recently visited the northern part of our nation, starting inland and working his way to the coast.

About his trip, his experiences, and his readings he leaves us an interesting article published on the Brazilian website Jota.  It’s a text that starts out as a comment on borders which reminds us of the idea transmitted by Orson Welles in the first moments of his documentary The Land of the Basques.  Also, undoubtedly thanks to the reflections of Basque composer Maurice Ravel, he assumes that the Basques on both sides of the Pyrenees are part of the same community.

After reading it, we’ve come to two conclusions.

First, that he enjoyed his stay with us; that’s clear.

Secondly that we Basques need a tale of our story written from our own point of view.  We need a tale in which the Basques are in control of their own gestures, mistakes, successes, and achievements.  Ravel’s reflections in this article about his own “Basqueness” show us that power: a Basque speaking about his own country and countrymen, in all seven territories.

We’d like to encourage the author, Pedro Gordilho, to come back and enjoy the other parts of our country.  We Basques have a lot to offer, and the variety of our small country, full of history, is extraordinary.

Jota – 8/9/2018 – Brasil

País Basco francês: um triângulo de história, estilo e luz

Ali a geografia de nosso tempo ressalta a geografia do passado distante. As fronteiras, em outros territórios, ainda suscitam debate. Bem reais entre certos países, em outros definitivamente eliminadas, as fronteiras às vezes sugerem violência ou convidam, na mansidão, os homens a agir. E como? Debuxando para os homens um modo de vida, de constrangimentos ou contrário à liberdade, é forçoso reconhecer que a fronteira condiciona a vida das pessoas.

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