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Professor William Douglass is one of the people who has studied and learned the most about the presence of Basques outside their homeland.

He’s been studying and writing on the topic for almost sixty years, and his books are must-reads to understand the world of the Basques in the rest of the world.  The Center for Basque Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno is named after him, in recognition of his work and commitment.  And he’s not resting on his laurels: he’s preparing a new book on the Basque presence in Australia.

On August 25, the Basque Fry Barbecue, now a tradition, was put on by Adam Laxalt, a Nevada politician who’s a member of the Laxalt dynasty.  The Laxalts are a prominent family in the western US, and we’ve spoken about them before, not least because it was they who got the UNR Basque Studies Center up and running.

Using that event, which attracts the interest of the leading US media, the Las Vegas Sun published an interview with William Douglass by Yvonne Gonzalez.  In it, he reveals some of the keys to understanding the Basque presence and influence in the mountain states of the US, particularly Nevada.

We’ll leave you with the links to the interview in the Sun, and an article by our always recommended EuskoNews about the Center for Basque Studies.

Las Vegas Sun – 25/8/2018 – USA

Q+A: Expert discusses Basque history, culture in Nevada

Politics and food are some of the long-lasting marks that Basque immigrants have made on Nevada, and both will be on display at a Republican event in Northern Nevada today.

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Euskonews – 12/2007 – Euskadi

El Centro de Estudios Vascos de la Universidad de Nevada, Reno: Cuarenta años al servicio de la cultura vasca, 1967-2007

“Durante el día más oscuro de la era de Franco cuando se nos denegó nuestro idioma, nuestra cultura y nuestra identidad, nos consolábamos con saber que una universidad americana en Nevada había encendido una vela en la noche.” (José Antonio Ardanza, Marzo 1988).

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