This article was translated by John R. Bopp
Portada de "Nevada Days" de B. Atxaga
Portada de “Nevada Days” de B. Atxaga

The Etxepare Institute collaborates every year in translating the books of Basque authors into other languages, to help spread the diffusion of our culture.

This year, in March, they published two new translations, “Nevada Days” by Bernardo Atxaga and “Twist” by Harkaitz Cano.

American author and critic Matt Gallagher has just published a review of Artxaga’s novel in The Washington Post.

After reading it, it’s clear to see that he loves it not only for its literary merits, but also for the way Atxaga brings his readers into the lives of those people in Reno.

Washington Post – 16/7/2018 – USA

A Basque author contemplates a complex city in ‘Nevada Days’

For author Walter Van Tilburg Clark, Reno, Nev., was a city of new dreams and sprawling physical wonder, memorialized in his novel “The City of Trembling Leaves.” Vladimir Nabokov found it less compelling, describing it as “a dreary town.

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