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Not too long ago, we spoke about the important legacy Basque exiles created in Caracas when then went to Venezuela after the Civil War.  We did so, unfortunately, because an important part of that legacy is disappearing as they’re being torn down.

We bring up the subject again today thanks to a video on Jaxoera TV about the Basque stamp on architecture in Venezuela.

We’ve spoken on many occasions about the extraordinary work the Basque Center in Caracas is doing via the Jazoera website.  The determination and commitment of these Basques with their history and land of origin, even in times as difficult as those their adopted homeland is going through, should not go unnoticed.  We recommend you visit their website in order to find out more about their amazing work.

There’s a whole generation of Basques in that country that are slowly leaving, due to the passage of the years, and the new generations, many of whom were born in Venezuela, are picking up the torch with an enthusiasm and commitment we admire.

We need to remember and honor those who have dedicated their whole lives to keeping the Basque flame lit in that part of the world, and we need to help and support them.

Jazoera TV – 24/8/2018 -Venezuela

Arquitectura Vasca Nuestras huellas tangibles.


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