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Carlos Osorio Pineda, in an article on the Colombia-Inn website, which is dedicated to the distribution of content about innovation and entrepreneurship in Colombia, tells us about the only company in Colombia making serrano ham, and it was created by a Basque over fifty years ago.

José Torrontegui Aldar left the Basque Country for Colombia in the 1950s to find a brighter future.  He spent his first years there working in construction all over the country, and finally settled down in Pasto, in the west of Colombia.  According to his widow, he did so because this part of the country reminded him a lot of his home. And, after checking out Google Street View, we have to say, we see the resemblance.

Logo jamones el aldeano. Colombia
The El Aldeano logo, Colombia

In Pasto, he bought a café and decided to start raising hogs to sell artisanal serrano ham.  It was the 1950s, and they were extremely well received, so much so that he built a factory of artisanal ham production that he called (take a guess!) El Aldeano.

That was in 1962. Fifty-six years later, his widow, Carmen Burbano de Torrontegui, and the company she now runs, maintain the artisanal production, which is a role model of tradition and innovation.

Colombia-inn – 8/3/2018 – Colombia

The only serrano ham factory in Colombia is led by a woman

Founded in 1962, the El Aldeano company in Nariño department is the only serrano ham factory there is in Colombia, and at the head of this enterprise is its matron, Mrs. Carme Burbano de Torrontegui.  Paradoxically, when it comes to innovation, its success lies in elaborating its product in the traditional way: artisanally.

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