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Hitza Hitz is, by their own definition, not just a way of describing the concept of “keeping your word” in Basque, but also “the name of a new brand of ready-to-wear clothing inspired by our Basque Country” which was launched a few months ago in Saint-Jean-de-Luz.  And it’s clear that this brand wants to reach every corner of this land with designs based on the traditions of our land.

We ran across Hitza Hitz by chance: just another example of how it’s hard for us Basques on either side of the Pyrenees or the Bidasoa to see, get to know, and recognize each other.  That’s understandable in a country with three languages, three administrative structures, and which is in two different countries (neither of which is Basques).  But this is also something that we need to, and can, solve, if we put our minds to it.

We, as Basques south of the Pyrenees who admit the huge lack of knowledge of our own country, are immersed in a campaign of discovery and learning of the part of our nation that’s on the other side of the mountains.  You can join us on this campaign in our “Viewpoints” section.  And we believe that we need to extend and deepen this commitment.

Hitza Hitz: a new brand of ready-to-wear clothing from the Basque Country

And that’s why we’re talking about Hitza Hitz today.  They “look” at the whole country, so it’s fitting that we look at them from all points of our country.  The brick-and-mortar store can be found on Gambetta Street in Saint-Jean-de-Luz (which would also provide the perfect excuse to visit this gorgeous Basque Coast town, and vice-versa).  But they also have an online store, and they’re building a distribution network across the country.  And of course they have an active social media presence.

We have to admit that they reminded us a lot of our friends at MundakaBC.  Both projects were born in towns on the Basque Coast, and both projects bring together the tradition and the culture of our nation.

Zorte on!!!

Hitza Hitz – 2017 – Euskadi

Hitza Hitz

Hitza Hitz, or “keeping your word” in Basque, is a badge, a code of honor, and, why not, it’s also, more modestly, the name of a new line of clothing inspired by the Basque Country.  Our collections are for women and men, the people of the Basque Country, friends, those who appreciate the mountains, and those who appreciate the sea.



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