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Escudo del Centro Vasco Gure Txoko de Sidney
Shield of the Sydney Gure Txoko Basque Club
The Gure Txoko Basque Club in Sydney, founded in 1966, has become one of the collaborating centers in the 25th annual Sydney Design Festival.  And they went all-out.  They opened their doors to the public by hosting the ephemeral installation “Archein“, which joins architecture, dance, and cuisine.

This artistic project, which is being held in the patio of the Basque center, was promoted by its members, who are also the stars of the show.  The team is being directed by architect Cristina Aranzubia, the founder and director of the ArchMove Collective, focused on developing the interconnected disciplines between architecture, choreography, and cultural identities in the urban environment.

Along with here, also participating in this project are Lidia Arriola, Arrate Arbiza, and Usue Garmendia in dance; the stories of Ionetxi Ni Neu, and the lighting designs of Raffaele de Vita.  Music was the responsibility of Oreka TX.

Today, Sunday, March 11, the installation, which has been open since the 2nd, will close.  Throughout these past ten days, different activities related to Basque culture have taken place.

And this is yet another demonstration of the vitality of the Basque community dispersed throughout the world, and its ability to commit to their adopted societies while keeping their roots to their homeland strong.

Zorionak eta Eskerrik asko!!!

We’d like to share information about the event, including a podcast in Spanish published on the website of Australian broadcaster SBS:

SBS – 28/2/2018 – Australia

Archein: La mixtura de la arquitectura, la danza, la gastronomía y la tradición vasca en Australia (The mixture of architecture, dance, cuisine, and Basque tradition in Australia)

“Archein” es una instalación efímera que forma parte de la vigésima edición del Festival de Diseño de Sídney que une la arquitectura, la danza y la gastronomía en la acogedora casa de los vascos en Australia, el Gure Txoko, en Sídney.

(“Archein” is an ephemeral art installation that is a part of the twentieth edition of the Sydney Design Festival, which unites architecture, dance, and cuisine in the cozy home of the Basques in Australia, the Gure Txoko, in Sydney.)


 Sydney Design Festival – 3/2018 – Australia

Archein: Homo Faber, the Space of Appearance

Enjoy a week of Archein performance and digital installation mixed with cultural and gastronomic traditions. The work Archein is a digital and spatial installation that interacts with the space and the audience via different means: performance, gastronomy and cultural story telling.

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ArchMove Collective – 3/2018 – Australia

Archein – Sydney Design Festival

Instalación Archein en Centro Gure Txoko. Sydney Design Festival

This year’s event, under the name of Archein, brings together architecture, light and choreography in an unexpected venue. The audience will discover a new culture identity in a mysterious location in Sydney: The Gure Txoko Basque-Country social club in the core of Darlinghurst, usually only opened to its members.

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