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The marches to promote women’s rights on March 8 took place all over the world.  Millions of people, millions of women, took to the streets to demand justice and their rights.

Media took notice of this coordinated global act that seems to be a turning point in the struggle for equality.  All media outlets chose photos to share the marches with their readers. Vicent West is a photographer working for Reuters in the Basque Country, and we’ve been lucky enough to get to see his amazing images in all sorts of international media about Basque subjects, or photo articles themselves.  It’s quite easy to say that his work has helped put us on the map.

The New York Times prepared an article touring the globe showing off women marching, including a video of that tour and statements that were taken.

After the video, the first image at the top of the article is a stunning photo by Vincent West that is able to capture the power and importance of the marches that took place in the Land of the Basques.  Tens of thousands of women took the to street in a festive and active spirit that each photo captures. The photos are good enough to have been chosen as the lead photo by the New York Times.

New York Times -8/3/2018 – USA

International Women’s Day 2018: Beyond #MeToo, With Pride, Protests and Pressure

A demonstration for women’s rights in Bilbao, Spain. Credit Vincent West/Reuters
A demonstration for women’s rights in Bilbao, Spain. Credit Vincent West/Reuters

In the era of #MeToo and Time’s Up, International Women’s Day arrived on Thursday with a renewed sense of urgency. For many women, there was a keen awareness of a major shift in the firmament when it came to gender parity, the treatment of women in the workplace and sexual dynamics.

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